Umbrella Movement – Mong Kok Clearance 26 November, 2014


In a rare display of common sense the bailiffs and the police decided not to allow the plaintiffs hired help to clear Nathan Road. The red hatted, I luv HK wearing shirted ‘helpers’ were dressed to inflame and several people previously seen wearing blue ribbons and assaulting protestors were recognised. A violent confrontation was thus avoided. Not that the police were above shoving journalists and whoever was on Nathan Road as they marched down the street – clearing people first and obstacles second, a reverse of yesterday’s Argyle Street clearance. No bailiffs were in evidence, as the police marched aggressively down the road accompanied by the now familiar yellow towers hosting tear-spray armed police.

At the start of clearance student leaders Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were dragged off and arrested by police, although they appeared to be doing nothing more than standing there waiting for the clearance to commence, as was everyone else. The announcement regarding arrests was only made two-thirds of the way down Nathan Road, so the arrest of the leaders looks like a targeted move.

The red caps didnt like having their photo taken – turning away to hide their faces. It’s rumoured the 200 clearance helpers were paid $1000 each.

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Umbrella Movement – Argyle Street Clearance – 25 November, 2014


The bailiff’s moved to enforce the court injunction on Argyle Street in Mongkok today 25 November, 2104. The first part of the day, the removal of the barricades and obstructions passed smoothly if slowly and disorderly. The massed ranks of the media and onlookers perhaps proving more of a hindrance than the small number of protestors. It took several hours for the obstructions to be removed as the bailiff’s took a few bits away, stopped conferred took a few more. As the mainly rubbish and junk was removed the police line slowly advance into the short occupied section of Argyle Street where a stand-off as to what would happen next ensued.

There were lots – 4 on top of the MTR entrance with me and at least 4 more they spoke and shared information with on the road – of plainclothes mainland police or intelligence (identified by listening to their conversations) videoing and looking to identify anyone who looked like a protestor / spoke to protestor / appeared to be against the police action.

After the bailiffs tried to move forward through the massed ranks of people, someone – he didn’t identify himself or his position in English – announced in Chinese and English that the bailiffs had officially requested help from the police to enforce the injunction. (So what were the police doing helping them earlier if they hadn’t been asked to?). A further announcement of arrests with multiple criminal charges if obstructions continued was made. Then the bailiffs all moved to the back and three ranks of plainclothes police ahead of lines of uniformed officers moved aggressively into the ranks of protestors, media and onlookers. Why are plainclothes police being used? Most of the plainclothes officers were actively hiding their identities and warrant cards – either by not wearing them or hanging them under clothing.

As the plainclothes police moved in, several aggressive arrests were made and as those arrested were passed backwards it was easy to see from my high vantage point the police beating them unnecessarily. If you have 6 guys carrying a persons arms and legs why do you need a couple more hitting and kneeing in the head and ribs?

The altercations and scuffles over the final bit of the Argyle Street clearance were precipitated by the actions of the police – again why were plain clothes officers in black vests with no visible id being used instead of uniformed officers? The needlessly violent arrest of a few – none of whom, that I saw, resisted arrested – by police has triggered the evening’s actions across Mongkok – perhaps that was the plan. The use of pepper spray and a water/vapour version of tear gas (which doesn’t such a negative visual impact in the media as tear gas does) is ongoing across Mongkok with police indifferent as to who is sprayed – protestor, journalist or innocent passer-bye.



All new helmets, gloves and other equipment for the PTU


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Umbrella Movement Stamps

Umbrella Movement Stamps

The Finnish Post Office allows you to personalise and design your own stamps. Twitter user @HKFinland created some striking Umbrella Movement stamps.

Here’s the link to create your own stamps Finland personalised stamps

Manny ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao beats Chris ‘Runaway’ Algieri


Manny Pacquiao knocked Chris Algieri to the floor six times as he coasted to an easy unanimous points victory over the out-matched American. Algieri obviously thought he was at an audition for Stricly Come Dancing as this supposed boxer entered the ring, as he proudly acknowledged afterwards, with the plan of “running away” and not boxing… Surely so that in future years as a politician he can claim to have “fought the boxing legend Manny ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao”. That would imply he stood face to face with the Pac-man and engaged in a boxing match – something that simply didn’t happen for 35 ½ minutes of the 36 minute 12 round fight. If he had stood and boxed he’d have been knocked out – but that doesn’t make quite such an impressive sound-bite.

Boxing fans pay a lot of money to see fights – both live and on pay per view – and Algieri’s attitude in the ring and at the post-bout press conference left a sour taste in the mouth. Especially after the commitment, endeavour and never give-up attitude shown by Thai fighters Chonlatarin Piriyapinyo and Kwanpichit Onesongchaingym in their fights against Olympic Gold Medal winners Vasyl Lomachenko and Zou Shiming respectively. The two thoroughly entertaining bouts were highlighted by boxing skills and fast hands of the medal winners – both learning fast how to hurt with their punches rather than just score points – and the heart of the Thais. Who were both knocked down several times, but got up each time to fight on and let their opponents know they’d been in a tough fight. It was a great spectacle and a sold-out Cotai Arena showed it’s noisy appreciation for the winners and losers.

Full Results

Manny Pacquiao defeats Chris Algieri
Unanimous decision after 12 rounds
120-102, 119103, 119-103
Retains WBO world welterweight title

Zou Shiming defeats Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym
Unanimous decision after 12 rounds
119-104, 120-103, 119-104

Vasyl Lomachenko defeats Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo
Unanimous decision after 12 rounds
120-107, 120-107, 120-107
Retains WBO world featherweight title

Jessie Vargas defeats Antonio DeMarco
Unanimous decision after 12 rounds
116-112, 116-112, 116-112
Retains WBA world super lightweight title

Jerwin Ancajas defeats Fadhili Majiha
KO in Round 3 (1:48)

Rex Tso defeats Espinos Sabu
Unanimous decision after 8 rounds
79-73, 78-74, 78-74

Ng Kuok Kun defeats Stephen Attard
Unanimous decision after 6 rounds
59-54, 57-56, 57-56

Andrew Robinson defeats Qu Peng
Majority decision after 4 rounds
37-38, 38-37, 37-38

Clash in Cotai II @ Venetian, Macau – 23 November, 2014


Manny Pacquiao wins the Clash in Cotai II
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Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Tracy 2







Umbrella Movement: Miso Zo



Towards the Wanchai end of Umbrella Square, artist Miso Zo has for the last few weeks been painting a series of large scale artworks in acrylic and oil. The images of the Umbrella protests are striking – walk down and take a look or have a chat with Miso.
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Umbrella Movement – 20 November, 2014





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