Women’s Sevens @ So Kon Po – 6 April, 2017


A boisterous crowd filled So Kon Po for day 1 of the Hong Kong Women’s Sevens. The action was fast and furious if ultimately frustrating for Hong Kong fans. There were some great tries, superb team defence, great goal kicking, moments of individual brilliance and pure stubbornness – all-in-all a day of great rugby and a fantastic showcase for the Women’s game.
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New Zealand Consulate Rugby Sevens Reception 2017


The New Zealand Consulate hosted it’s annual Rugby Sevens Reception to promote and raise awareness of all things Kiwi, including meats, cheese, wines, juices, superb scenery, wonderful hospitality and of course talented sportswomen and sportsmen.
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Italian Cheese & Beer by The Italian Club @ Nom – 30 March, 2017


The Italian Club hosted a night of Italian cheese and beer at the now closed Nom, which has been bought and will reopen in April as an Italian pub serving among other things craft beers and cheese…
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Cook Off @ Miramar Pizza Express – 23 March, 2017


Pizza Express staged the first of it’s Cook Off Challenges at it’s Mirimar branch on the 23 March when Sushi Kuu‘s Mukogawa Satoru took on PE’s Dan Segall. The resulting pizza’s Yamaimo & Chicken’ and ‘Yuzukosho and Clam’ respectively were sampled and voted on by an appreciative audience and will be available for a limited time.
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Art Basel – 21-22 March, 2017


There’s a lot to see at this year’s Art Basel, but there’s also a lot to do with conversations, trams and films to fit in as you explore the wide range of art on show.

All art ‘speaks’ to each of us in different ways, you can admire the skill (or not) of an artist but find their work does nothing for you. So rather than suggesting not to miss ‘x’ or ‘y’, bc recommends that you explore and find those works that speak or connect to you in some way. Enjoy them, then wander away for awhile and come back again later. Was the work just flirting with you the first time, or do you still feel the piece’s attraction…?

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Art Central VIP Preview @ Central Harbourfront – 20 March, 2017


The sun emerged, after weeks in hiding, to shine on the start of Art Week and turn Art Central’s two massive tents into impromptu saunas. That didn’t deter the opening day crowds who flocked to see what was on show.

Again there’s a little of something for everyone but the trend still seems to be for massive works that look fine in a big tent, but would be out of place in our space saving flats. Last years paint a massive picture cut it up and give away the pieces has in true HK style been replaced with a massive painting where you can buy a small square…

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Taste of Hong Kong @ Central Harbourfront – 16 March, 2017


Four days of delicious food on the Central Harbourfront, Taste 2017 is a vast improvement on 2016. The restaurants are more prepared, have a better understanding of the event, have prepped more portions (3-500 portions per regular dish/session seemed the average) so it’s unlikely they’ll run out… Purchasing food is quicker and easier. There’s more seating – if a lack of bins.

It’s expensive, dining at these 16 restaurants is anyway, but the food dishes we tasted were good. The portion sizes of some dishes are a little small for the price, the paper plates environmentally friendly but not the best given the quality of the food. And there’s lots of samples from the various shops and market to try.

While all 16 featured outlets are worth taking a look at, Richard Ekkebus Culinary Director at Amber has done something more than a little special – and raised the bar for all participants for next year – he’s set up a special seated dining area and each session the producers and suppliers of the ingredients of each of his dishes are introducing and talking about what you are eating. Fascinating!
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