Art Central VIP Preview @ Central Harbourfront – 20 March, 2017


The sun emerged, after weeks in hiding, to shine on the start of Art Week and turn Art Central’s two massive tents into impromptu saunas. That didn’t deter the opening day crowds who flocked to see what was on show.

Again there’s a little of something for everyone but the trend still seems to be for massive works that look fine in a big tent, but would be out of place in our space saving flats. Last years paint a massive picture cut it up and give away the pieces has in true HK style been replaced with a massive painting where you can buy a small square…

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Aperitivo at Attire House – 14 March, 2017


One of the joys of living in Hong Kong is that she’s always full of surprises. Take for example 8 Wyndham Street as boring an office block as you can find – but on the top floor (29/F) is the recently opened Attire House, a men’s boutique complete with Barber’s Shop and wet shave, and Bar de Lune a very relaxed Japanese whisky and cocktail bar. Bar de Luxe is a joint venture between the owners of Attire and Tokyo’s famous mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno.

To introduce the brands Cesare Attolini and E Marinella Attire House hosted an aperitivo with cocktails and Tartuflanghe truffle chips.
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Asia Adult Expo


It’s Asia Adult Expo time where China’s sex toy manufacturers showcase their products to stores and buyers from across the globe. The wholesale prices are ridiculously cheap, a stark reminder of the margins involved in much of retail today.

In recent years a lot of creativity, thought, science and manufacturing wizardry has gone into improving and enhancing how we can bring ourselves and our partners pleasure. Although I’m not sure that many of us will be wanting to fiddle with a phone app in the middle of an orgasm… And a first person perspective 3D VR film loses it’s impact when as is legally required in Japan genitals are pixelated out.


At any other product expo, visitors to the show would be touching, examining the products to check for quality, design… Yet still society’s taboo on pleasuring ourselves and others exerts it’s influence with most visitors discretely looking from outside a booth rather than stepping in as they would with other product expos.

If you don’t fancy a visit to sex store but want to improve your sex life most of the manufacturers have websites where you can buy direct through Alibaba.


Asia Adult Expo
Date: 28-31 August 2016
Venue: HK Convention & Exhibition Centre
Tickets: By invitation, trade

Who Killed Amazoula @ Christian Louboutin – 28 April, 2016


Amateur sleuths, private investigators and champagne swilling guests joined the Red Sole Republic Police Department at Christian Louboutin in Central to attempt to solve the mystery of who killed Amazoula?
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India by the Bay


India by the Bay returns from the 25 February – 1 March with a range of events that look to bring India’s cultural dynamism to Hong Kong. There’s a mix of classical and contemporary including music, theatre, dance, food, film and literature as the festival reflects India’s artistic depth and diversity. According to the organisers the India by the Bay aims to celebrate the common cultural strands shared by Hong Kong and India and their multi-ethnic populace.

India by the Bay – 24 February to 1 March 2016

24 February – Festival Opening

7:15pm, 25 February – Film – Sharmila Tagore at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Indian film actress Sharmila Tagore in conversation with Festival Director Sanjoy Roy.

7:15pm, 26 February – Literature – Shobha De at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Best- selling author of 18 books and widely-read columnist Shobhaa De in conversation with Sanjoy Roy.

6:45pm, 27 February – Music – Rajasthan Josh at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
World music band which combine the folk traditions of the North Western region of India with vocal styles ranging from mystic Sufi traditions, bhajans to the popular folk songs of Rajasthan.

12:30pm, 27 February – Lunch – Karen Anand at Ovolo Southside Hotel

6:45pm, 28 February – Dance – Nityagram at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble are one of the foremost dance companies in India. Although steeped in and dedicated to ancient techniques, the Nrityagram dancers also look to carry Indian dance into the twenty-first century.

7:15pm, 29 February – Theatre – C Sharp C Blunt at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
C Sharp C Blunt is based on the concept of the loop. An electronic musician, live on stage creates and layers loops from live sound. The loop in its nature reflects the training of the singer through endless repetition and also the process of cultural and social programming. This cultural programming also defines the specific way girls and women are supposed to behave.
The play looks at traditional gender roles as engrained by culture versus the woman as the globalised consumer living in a new market that caters to her wants and needs. We look at the performer as a site of battle between purity and consumption, between servitude and ego, between being-looked-at-ness and self-determination.

7pm, 1 March – Buddhist Day – Shantum Seth at Ovolo Southside Hotel

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