Hong Kong Para-rowing Team Wins 4 Gold Medals at World Indoor Rowing Championships

Tsoi Ka Ming

The Hong Kong Para-rowing team won 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals at the 4th INAS World Indoor Rowing Championships, 2nd INAS International Regatta and 9th International Para-Rowing Regatta at Gavirate, Italy on the 14-17 May, 2015.

At the 4th INAS World Indoor Rowing Championships Para-rower, Tsoi Ka Ming won the Gold medal at the Men’s Individual 500m event and broke the world record in 01:29.2, he has also capture the Silver medal in Men’s Individual 1000m event. While Lee Wai Yi and Liu Wang Sin swept the 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals in the Women Individual 500m and 1000m respectively.

LTA Mixed Coxed Four  1000m_At the 2nd INAS International Regatta, after a year of hard training, Hong Kong’s Para-rowing Team (Intellectual Disabled crew) won Gold medal in LTA mixed coxed four event.

The Hong Kong Para-rowing Team (Physically Disabled crew) also attended a 10 days intensive training camp organized by the FISA (International Rowing Federation) at the same venue. The Para-rowers, Chan Ka Man and Yau Chi Choi Daniel brought home a one Bronze medal in LTA Mixed Double Sculls event while, the silver medalist in recent Sydney International Rowing Regatta, Ajmal Victor Samuel was placed fifth among 24 countries in the AS Men’s Single Sculls event.

Liu Wang Sin_Lee Wai YiSource: Hong Kong, China Rowing Association
Editing: bc magazine