Tegan Smyth Wins Peel Street Poetry 11th Anniversary Slam


Tegan Smyth (Carling) wows, entertains and provokes her audience while winning the 11 Anniversary Peel Street Poetry Slam.

Peel Street Poetry an open mic poetry evening that originated at the now closed Joyce is Not Here on Peel Street eleven years ago. When the bar closed, the poets upped pens and moved to their current location Orange Peel, where on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays of the month you can enjoy an evening of poetry and good conversation.

How do poets celebrate, with a slam of course. 10 minutes to write an original poem based on a word or phrase picked at random by the judges. This year’s slam saw over 20 entrants necessitating three high quality elimination heats.

It was tough for the judging panel of Nury Vittachi, Collier Nogues, Henrik Hoeg, Nashua Gallagher and last year’s winner as the quality of the hilarious/clever/personal/provocative poems was high. But eventually six emerged.


Watch the other Poetry Slam finalists in action – they were given 10 minutes to write a poem on/about/using ‘simply put’.
Denis Tsoi
Angus Gallagher
Akin Jeje
Vishal Nanda
Steph Carter

Tegan was a unanimous winner amongst the finalists but it took the judges some time to decide.

Simply put it was a night where everyone was a winner. All the poets rose to the challenge of the slam and we the audience enjoyed some great poems, both in the slam and in the open mic sections that bracketed the slam.


Peel Street Poetry Open Mic
Date: 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Wednesdays of the month
Venue: Orange Peel
Tickets: Free
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