I, Wu Song – A One-man Chinese Opera

Chinese opera has often been seen as an art form that tells historical tales, and that of Wu Song’s is one of the classics. Yet in this new production by The Gong Strikes One, Wu is no longer the protagonist, nor does Chinese opera take up the task to tell his story.

Instead, Wu’s story is transformed into a medium for Chinese opera to explore itself as a theatrical form of body movements and musical gestures. All utterances have been removed and Wu now becomes no more than an anonymous man on stage, called “I”.

I, Wu Song – A One-man Chinese Opera
The Gong Strikes One
Date: 8pm, 10-11 June, 2017
Venue: HK Cultural Centre, Studio Theatre
Tickets: $180, $160 from Urbtix

The Blue Bird @ HKAPA: Drama Theatre – 29 April-2 May, 2015

The Blue Bird @ HKAPA: Drama Theatre - 29 April-2 May, 2015

Once upon a time Tyltyl and Mytyl, the son and daughter of a poor woodcutter, are sent out by the Fairy Bérylune to search the world for the Blue Bird of Happiness. She needs it to rescue her daughter. So the two children embark upon an adventurous journey to find the elusive Blue Bird. On the way they encounter a variety of crises – they have to face the dark night; meet again dead loved ones; overcome the challenges of trees and animals; and to understand the harsh cruelty of time. After almost a year they return to the home from which they set out and discover that everything has been a dream. And after so many adventures they find that the Blue Bird has been around all the time … in their own backyard.

The Blue Bird
Date: 29 April – 2 May, 2015
Venue:  HKAPA: Drama Theatre
Tickets: $105, $70 from HKTicketing
More info:
29 Apr 2015 (Wed) at 7:30pm
30 Apr 2015 (Thu) at 7:30pm
1 May 2015 (Fri) at 7:30pm
2 May 2015 (Sat) at 2:30pm & 7:30pm

Cast: Chan Wing-shuen, Mok Ka-yan, Ng Lok-wai, Ko Ki-yan, Ng Ka-yee, Sze Shuk-ting, Wan Tsz-leung, Lau Yuk-shing, Lai Chai-ming and Academy Drama students
Playwright: Maurice Maeterlinck
Director: Chan Chu-hei*
Translator: Dr Wong Kwok-kui
Set Designer: Jan Wong
Costume Designer: Mak Tsz-kwan
Lighting Designer: Pui Leung
Sound Designer: Joyce Chung
Movement Coach: Julia Mok*

Forest of Truth @ Fringe Club – 8pm, 29-30 May, 2015

Forest of Truth @ Fringe Club - 8pm, 29-30 May, 2015

A comedy of crazy Japanese lovers who are influenced by their individual views about distorted love!

The residents of “The Forest of Truth” are waiting to reveal the lies found in the human world. One day, a Man and a Woman step into the forest and immediately fall in love. However, the residents of the forest then reveal the hidden aspects of the lovers’ hearts. The couple now know each other’s true selves, and the story of their world takes some amazing, unexpected twists and turns.

Forest of Truth
Theatre Group GUMBO
Date: 8pm, 29-30 May, 2015
Venue: Fringe Club: Fringe Underground
Tickets: $200 form HKTicketing