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A few things to note…
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Sharks Fin  bc magazine actively excludes coverage of restaurants and companies which sell sharks fin.

CY Leung – The Chief Executive of Hong Kong has shown by his actions and his words that he does not have the best interests of Hong Kong and all HongKongers foremost in his heart or head.
Organisations have a choice as to who they appoint as patrons – bc takes the view that organisations who continue to have CY Leung as patron actively support his views and actions. We do not, and as such will actively refuse to write, cover or publicise their events. The artistic groups the support CY Leung include:
The HK Arts Festival,
The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra,
The HK Acadamy for Performing Arts,
Hong Kong String Orchestra,
The Hong Kong Maritime Museum,
Asian Youth Orchestra,
Hong Kong Arts Centre,
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra,
The Community Chest

You can find a full list here

We make no apologies for our refusal to cover organisations that look to profit from CY Leung patronage while he destroys Hong Kong.