Tasty Vietnamese Cuisine at the Embankment

Embankment - lobster

The healthy simplicity of Vietnamese cuisine with its minimal use of oil and a reliance on herbs and vegetables is evident at the Embankment in Causeway Bay where the dishes on the newly revamped menu look to appeal to our five senses – the aromatic ingredients stimulate the nose, the enticing plates treat the eyes, sounds comes from crisp ingredients, while the texture is felt by our fingers before the five spices are detected on the tongue. While appealing to our senses each Vietnamese dish has a distinctive flavour which reflects one or more of the fundamental taste elements: spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet.

The 7000 square foot restaurant on the 2/F of Cigna Tower at 480 Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay has been working hard to eliminate MSG (a common complaint from diners under the previous owners) and enhance the freshness of the ingredients – but as Nelson Tam one of the new owners comments “We’ve done everything we can to eliminate it”. “With the recent change of management, as well as a new team of highly experienced Vietnamese chefs from Vietnam who have joined our team we hope to introduce some of most authentic cuisine from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City available in Hong Kong. We are proud to introduce our new menu and renovation to our customers to create a value for money dinning experience”.

What makes Vietnamese food special – the fish sauce! At Embankment the home made fish sauce features complex but delicate layers of sweetness, lime, garlic, chilli, saltiness of dark fish sauce and vinegar. These fragrant elements and fresh herbs feature in most of Embankments signature dishes which include: Embankment1
Roasted minced prawn w/ sugarcane – the sweet sugarcane juice soaks into minced prawn for a unique flavour when roasted.

Stir fried garlic diced beef & tomato served w/ tomato rice – marble diced beef marinated with sweet basil, garlic, and slightly dark fish sauce, to enhance the original flavour from the beef. Stir fried with fresh basil, tomato, onions, topped with dried garlic, serve with tomato rice.

Deep fried chicken wings w/ butter & garlic seasoning – a unique cooking process merges 3 delicate procedures in order to bring out the prefect butter chicken wings. 1. marinate with lemongrass, garlic, fish sauce. 2. deep fried with precision timing between high and low temperature. 3. low heat stir fried with butter and garlic, in order to absorb the essence of the taste and scent of butter and garlic.

Marbled beef in Vietnamese vinegar hot pot – marbled beef cooked in a vinegar beef soup, merging the original sweetness of the beef, with a soft scent of vinegar and herbs

Nelson is also a foodie and for those new to the delights of Vietnamese dining he offer this piece of advice “When ordering remember a good meal will have balance, where the texture and flavours contrast the temperature and spiciness of the food.”

2/F, 470-484 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong.

Embankment paid for the meals written about in this review.

New Year Civil Referendum – 1 January, 2014


“Occupy Central with Love and Peace” (OCLP) have commissioned the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong and the Centre for Social Policy Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to organize a “New Year Civil Referendum”, which looks to encourage members of the general public to express their views on the principles of CE Election. It’s also designed to get the public familiar with the e-voting and raise awareness of the “civil authorization” of future CE Election proposals.

The “New Year Civil Referendum” is scheduled to be held on 1 January (Wednesday) 2014, and the topic of referendum is “Principles of CE Election”, with a total of 3 propositions. The results will be announced at the Civil Human Rights Front’s Post New Year Rally Gathering.


Proposition 1: The representativeness of the Chief Executive Nominating Committee should be increased.

Proposition 2: There should not be pre-screening mechanism in the Chief Executive nomination process.

Proposition 3: Chief Executive nomination process should include element of civil nomination.

Voting arrangements

Online voting
Voting time: 1 January 2014 01:01 – 18:00
Website: “PopVote” (http://popvote.hk)
Verification information: the HKID number of the voter in full, and a cell phone number for sending SMS

Smartphone Application voting (Smartphone App)
Voting time: 1 January 2014 01:01 – 18:00
iOS users: please download the “PopVote” application in the App Store
Android users: please download the “PopVote” application in Google Play
Verification information: the HKID number of the voter in full, and a cell phone number for sending SMS

Polling station
Voting time: 1 January 2014 13:00 – 18:30
Location of polling station: Bandstand, Victoria Park, Hong Kong
Verification information: HKID card

For more details and the exact voting process:


Barn II – Iconic Causeway Bay Sports Bar

In the ever-changing nightlife scene that is Hong Kong, few bars – even successful ones – last longer than a few years – yet the iconic Barn II has been serving thirsty customers for almost three decades. The Barn II has evolved and morphed over the years as tastes and drinking habits change – for the last decade it’s been Causeway Bay’s premiere sports bar. Currently the 7000 square foot establishment located on the first floor of Cigna Tower at 47-480 Jaffe Road has 18 TV screens (including a massive 120” main screen) spread around the room so that all customers can comfortably watch the game. The Barn can show up to 10 different sports events/matches at a time, so if your sport isn’t screening ask the staff and they’ll try to oblige. There’s also two dart machines, so step up to the hocky and hit a few bulls-eyes.

The no-smoking law forced many raucous smoke filled upstairs bars to adapt, at Barn 2 it inspired the owners Nelson and Sam to enhance and expand the Barn II’s dining options. A new menu for 2014 launches this month featuring local and international favorites given a Barn 2 twist by the outlets two kitchens – one looking after Chinese dishes, one international. The international menu features several new signature dishes including the Barn 2’s signature burger – which features a 6oz beef patty in a sesame seed bun sitting on a bed of mushrooms, grilled pineapple, bacon (and lots of it). This is topped with cheddar cheese and a fried egg and served with chips, coleslaw and salad.

Barn 2 signature burger
Barn 2 signature burger

Also new are thick sole fillets dipped in beer batter, deep fried and served upon a mound of fried thick cut potato – fish and chips, simple, tasty and delicious.

Pork Ribs - Barn II
Pork Ribs – Barn II

With the festive season fast approaching the Barn II is offering a special three course Christmas and New Year’s menu priced at $288/per person. Starters include mixed seafood chowder, smoked salmon terrine, or chicken liver pate. Among the 6 main course options are Roast British Turkey with all the trimmings (including Brussel spouts, Yorkshire pudding, onion and sage stuffing…); Black Truffle Risotto; Vegetarian Roast with all the trimmings. Dessert offers a choice of Christmas Pudding with bourbon butter and custard, Tiramisu or Cheese and Biscuits. The festive menu is available until 1 January, 2014 and the three course menu with tea or coffee is $288 – half price at lunch time.

Barn 2 fish and chips
Barn 2 fish and chips


Barn 2
1/F 470-484 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong.
Tel: 2591 0346

The Barn 2 paid for the meals written about in this review.

Hong Kong Sevens 2014 Ticket Sale Ballot

The HKRFU has confirmed that 3,000 tickets will be available for sale via public ballot. A one-month registration period for the ballot begins today, 16 December 2013.

Each applicant is allowed only one entry per person per event day in the ballot. Each successful applicant can purchase a maximum of two tickets per day – which realistically means that only 1500 people can get tickets!

Applicants can register for the public ballot via the official Sevens website (www.hksevens.com).

Registration will open at 9am on Monday, 16th December 2013, and will close at 5pm on Wednesday, 15th January 2014.

The ballot will be held on Tuesday, 21st January 2014, with winners notified electronically on the same day. Collection of tickets will be from 15th – 17th March 2014 at the Hong Kong Stadium Box Office. Successful applicants will receive notification by 5pm on January 21st and will then have one week to pay for their tickets (by 5pm on January 28th).

Ticket prices for the individual day categories are set at HK$200 for adult tickets and HK$50 for children’s tickets for Friday and HK$650 for adults and HK$50 for children’s tickets respectively for Saturday and Sunday of the event. Each successful ticket application will be levied with an administration fee of HK$50.

Enquiries on the public ballot will be fielded via a special email address created by the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union at [email protected]

McLaren 50 12C Launch Party – 13 December, 2013

After a series of McLaren 50th Anniversary celebrations over the past few months, McLaren launched a commemorative model – the McLaren 50 12C featuring a number of bespoke styling and specification enhancements.





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Women’s Rugby Results – 7 December, 2013

Women’s 15s

Tigers 76-0 HK Scottish
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 16:30

HKFC 0-105 Gai Wu
@ Hong Kong Football Club, Kick-off: 18:00

Tai Po Dragons 0-29 CWB Pheonix
@ Shep Kip Mei, Kick-off: 18:00

Valley Black 31-10 Kowloon
@ Happy Valley, Kick-off 18:00

Women’s 10s

Police 52-5 HKCC
@ Police Boundary Street, Kick-off: 13:30

Gai Wu 56-0 University
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 14:00

Tin Shui Wai 5-21 City Sparkles
@ Tin Shui Wai Community Sports, Kick-off: 14:00

Valley Black 15-59 Kowloon
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 15:00

SRC 19-10 CWB Phoenix
@ Tai Hung Tang Recreation Ground, Kick-off 18:30