Editorial: Court of Appeal Reject Oath Appeal

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Today the Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of Yau Wai Ching, Sixtus Leung Chung Hang, and The President of The Legislative Council over their oath taking disqualification. The reasons are steeped in legalise but essentially amount to the fact that Legco and the HK courts are subservient to the Basic Law and that China can change and amend the Basic Law whenever and however it wants.

And that any amendments are how the law should have been read since it came into being on the 1 July, 1997. Thus if China ‘interprets’ the Basic Law and says that, for example, the HK Bauhinia flag is green, even though we can all see its red. Then the flag is green! And anyone who says otherwise can and will be sent to jail even if they said the flag was red in 1998 years before the new interpretation existed.

Given the judge’s very precise interpretation and reliance on the new wording of Article 104 then strictly speaking since 689 omitted the words Hong Kong from his oath then he should be also be removed from office (and have to hand back all the money given to him as he threw the vast majority of HongKongers under the bus). It won’t happen of course, there’s one rule for the entitled, rich and connected and another for everyone else.

The question is will the Court of Final Appeal (CoFA) stand up for the people of Hong Kong, who it must be pointed out freely chose and elected Yau Wai Ching and Sixtus Leung Chung Hang to represent them, and affirm that the laws of Hong Kong are worth the paper they are written on or do we live in the dictatorship that exists north of the border where ‘the law’ changes according to the daily whim and benefit of the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s unlikely as it would mean the CoFA having to make a ruling on the Basic Law and having to decide whether China can amend (and make no mistake this ‘interpretation’ is an amendment) and make the amendment retrospective (as the Court ruled regarding ‘interpretations’ in 1999), whenever they want. Much as I respect the members of the CoFA I doubt they are willing to do that.

As I’ve said before, for those HongKongers who love China so much, you’re free to move there. Just remember that anyone who gets rich in China moves their money out of China as quickly as possible, chooses to educate their children in England, USA or Hong Kong and goes to medical clinics overseas whenever they can. If the China the CCP supporting Chinese have created is so wonderful, why are they so keen to leave?

Women’s Rugby Results – 26 November, 2016



Gai Wu Falcons 45-7 Kowloon
@ Happy Valley, Kick-off: 16:30

Valley Black pstpn CWB Phoenix
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 16:30

City Sparkle psptn USRC Tigers
@ KG V, Kick-off: 16:30


National League 1

Gai Wu Fawkes 35-0 HK Scottish
@ KG V, Kick-off: 15:00

Valley Red 5-20 HKCC
@ King’s Park, Kick-off: 16:30

Revolution SRC v USRC Tigers
@ KG V, Kick-off: 18:00

National League 1 - 28 November, 2016National League 2

CWB Lammergeier v City
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 18:00

Tai Po Dragons 5-0 Kowloon
@ Happy Valley, Kick-off: 18:00

Gai Wu Hawks 5-20 Police Sirens
@ Police Boundary Street, Kick-off: 18:00

Tin Shui Wai 10-5 Uni-Pirates
@ Sandy Bay, Kick-off: 18:00

National League 2 - 28 November, 2016

Photos: Hong Kong Sports Images

GLM Brand Launch, Japan Electric Car @ Upper House – 25 November, 2016


Japanese electric car manufacturer GLM (Green Lord Motors) held it’s Hong Kong brand launch at Upper House on the 25 November 2016. At the event GLM showcased it’s 4 door electric concept car the GLM-G4 which debuted at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year and the GLM-ZZ which is available now in Japan.
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Women’s Rugby Fixtures – 26 November, 2016


The Great American Texas BBQ @ Disneyland – 22 November, 2016


The Great American Texas BBQ entered it’s third decade at Disneyland with a cornucopia of beautifully BBQ’d beef under the auspices of pit-master Timothy Broderick and other beef dishes. Sponsored by the Texas Beef Council, USMEF and USDA the evening promotes and showcases US beef and American products.
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Women’s Rugby Results: 16-20 November, 2016

 Hong Kong v Kazakhstan November, 2016Internationals

Hong Kong 37-10 Kazakhstan
20 November @ King’s Park
Hong Kong
Rose Hopewell-Fong (2), Natasha Olson Thorne, Kayan Chong, Chrissy Gordon
Conversions: Adrienne Garvey (2), Rose Hopewell- Fong
Penalties: Adrienne Garvey (2)
 Svetlana Kluchnikova, Bolzhan Koishibaeva

Hong Kong v Kazakhstan November, 2016

Hong Kong 25-22 Kazakhstan
16 November @ King’s Park
Hong Kong
Rose Hopewell-Fong, Natasha Olson Thorne
Conversions: Adrienne Garvey (2)
Penalties: Adrienne Garvey (2)

Hong Kong v Kazakhstan November, 2016

Hong Kong Women’s Rugby Training Squad
Forwards: Karen So Hoi-Ting, Amelie Seure, Angela Chan Ka-Yan, Royce Chan Leong-Sze, Chan Tsz Ching, Cheng Ching-To, Christy Cheng Ka-Chi, Chow Mei Nam Chrissy Gordon, Tammy Lau Nga-Wun, Lee Ka-Shun, Melody Li Nim-Yan, Sharon Tsang, Jasmine Cheung Shuk-Han, Winnie Siuwing-Ni, Wong Yuen-Shan.
Backs: Adrienne Garvey, Candy Cheng Tsz Ting, Kayan Chong, Colleen Tjosvold, Jess Ho, Ivy Kwong Sau-Yan, Lau Sze-Wa, Lee Tsz-Ting, Lindsay Varty, Mak Ho-Yee, Natasha Olson Thorne, Aggie Poon Pak-Yan, Rose Hopewell-Fong, Sum Sham, Cindy Yuen Lok-Yee


National League 1

Gai Wu Fawkes 0-22 Tai Po Dragons 
@ King’s Park, Kick-off: 15:00

National League 2

HKFC Fire 5-40 CWB Lammergeier 
@ So Kon Po, Kick-off: 18:00

Photos: Phoebe Leung

Whisky & Wine Walk @ Wanchai – 19 November, 2016


Whisky and Wine walk in Wanchai, over 100 varieties were available to sample and enjoy including several rare and limited editions. Explore The East, QRE, Lee Tung Avenue and Ship Street to find participating outlets and learn abut some of the world’s finest distilleries, then taste their whisky. A relaxed and enjoyable way to spend a weekend afternoon.
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HKGCC Free Ride Day – 29 November, 2016


HKGCC Free Ride Day was launched in 2011 as part of events to celebrate the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s birthday, which was established on May 29, 1861.

Members of the public can ride on all Hong Kong trams and the Star Ferry for free on 29 November.

HKGCC Free Ride Day
 29 November, 2016
Where: HK Trams, Star Ferry
How much: Free