Hong Kong v China – Chinese Fans @ Mongkok Stadium, 17 November, 2015


For reasons known only to the police and Hong Kong Football Association the media were banned from taking photos of the Chinese fan’s section at Hong Kong v China World Cup qualifier. After multiple complaints a brief period of photography was allowed – before the area in-front of the Chinese fans was again at no-go zone from 7pm.
Here are some of the 500 Chinese fans who made the trip.
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Chinese Fan Talks About Hating HongKongers

A Chinese fan at the Hong Kong v China World Cup qualifier talks about hating HongKongers and that China is wonderful.

I was taking photos of the Chinese fans, and suddenly this guy was talking about Chinese fans hating Hong Kong, so I started to record…


Hong Kong v China @ Mongkok Stadium – 17 November, 2015


Three hours before kick-off and fans queued around the corner to enter Mongkok Stadium for the World Cup qualifier against China. The atmosphere was electric, the noise and passion there for all to see and hear as ‘We are Hong Kong’ echoed across the territory – loud enough to be heard in the Liaison Office and Beijing.

The fans might have been denied the chance to fill Hong Kong Stadium, but HongKongers pride in their team was evident. Every touch greeted with a roar, every Chinese touch a massed boo. For long periods Hong Kong defence resembled the lion rock, stout, imperious, resolute and quietly in command of all it sees… There were scares with crossbar and post hit multiple times. In attack Hong Kong were often careless with the ball, giving it away far too easily, but the crowd roared them forward, keeping tired legs pumped with adrenaline.

Hong Kong scored the stadium erupted, the referee whistled dis-allowing the goal for a ‘foul’ on the keeper. It was a soft decision, as were the multiple over the top Chinese tackles that should have seen yellow but were ignored. There was a feeling the referee was politically managing the game, looking to ensure nothing he did would harm either team.

Hong Kong had chances, both teams hit the woodwork – irrespective of the impact on World Cup qualifying – the draw was cheered as mightily as a win. We are Hong Kong!









Philippines to Play HK Cricket’s Elite

Philippines to Play HK Cricket’s Elite

The Philippines cricket team, ranked fifth in the East Asia Pacific region, will take on Hong Kong’s elite cricketers on the 19-20 September. The tour will comprise of three matches at Mission Road (also known as Tin Kwong Road Recreation Ground) with the highlight being Sunday’s 50-over over match against the Hong Kong Under-19s.

On the Saturday the visitors will play Twenty20s against two teams made up from the best Hong Kong Cricket talent. The first will be against a combined HKCA Development Squad and HKCA Dragons team, and the afternoon fixture will be a face-off with the 2014-15 HKCA Premier League Team of the Year, led by Hong Kong men’s team captain, Tanwir Afzal.

The Premier League XI will also feature HKCA CEO Tim Cutler who said, “It is my honour to be selected for the 2014-15 HKCA Premier League Team of the Year, furthermore as the vice-captain for the match. I am looking forward to playing with past, current and future Hong Kong stars when we take on the touring Philippines men’s team.”

HKCA Dragons all-rounder Damien Yee said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to play against the Philippines. Our team will consist of a great mix of up and coming players, so it’s a good chance for all of us to experience playing another nation.

The Philippines’ Coach Iain Sinclair said, “Hong Kong and Manila are both large cities with limited space and we would like to take this opportunity to look at the programmes Hong Kong has established to attract the local indigenous community. This would be something we would be very interested in introducing to the Philippines.

HKCC-PACC2610am, 19 Sept: HK Development Squad / HKCA Dragons Combine v Philipines (Twenty20)

2pm, 19 Sept: 2014-15 HKCA Premier League Team of the Year v Philipines (Twenty20)

10am, 20 Sept: Hong Kong Under 19s v Philipines (50 overs)

HK Cricket and the Philippines Two-day Tournament
19-20 September, 2015
Venue: Tin Kwong Road Recreation Ground
Tickets: Free